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Umesh R. Desai, Ph.D.

Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Location:  Virginia Biotechnology Research Park, Suite 212
Phone: (804) 828-7328

Mailing Address

School of Pharmacy - Dept of Medicinal Chemistry
BioTech One, Suite 205
800 E. Leigh St.
P.O. Box 980540
Richmond, VA 23298-0540
Fax: (804) 827-3664

Area of Focus

  • Rational Design of Cardiovascular Drugs
  • Allosteric Activators of Antithrombin
  • Computational Studies on Heparin - Protein Interaction
  • Rational Design of Macromolecular Scaffolds as Inhibitors of Viral Infection
  • Allosteric Inhibitors of Coagulation Factors (IIa, Xa, IXa, XIa, VIIa)
  • Structure of Low Molecular Weight Heparins


  • B.S., Chemistry (M. S. University of Baroda, India, 1983)
  • M.S., Organic Chemistry (Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, 1985)
  • Ph.D., Organic Chemistry (Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, 1991)

Post-Graduate Training

  • Fellowship - Postdoctoral Training (University of Iowa – Iowa City, 1993)
  • Fellowship - Postdoctoral Trainint (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, 1994)

Academic Appointments/Professional Experience

  • (1998 - 2004) Assistant Profesor of Medicinal Chemsitry, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • (2004 - 2007) Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • (2007 - Present) Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • (2009 - 2014) Interim Director of Institute for Structural Biology and Drug Discovery,
  • (2014 - Present) Director of Institute for Structural Biology, Drug Discovery and Development,


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  • Books/Book Chapters
    • ‘Glycosaminoglycans – Chemistry and Biology’, a volume of Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer, NY (2014). Editor: Kuberan Balagurunathan, Hiroshi Nakato and Umesh R. Desai
    • Sankaranarayanan, N. V.; Sarkar, A.; Desai, U. R.; Mosier, P. D.* Designing ‘high-affinity, high-specificity’ glycosaminoglycan sequences through computerized modeling. Methods in Molecular Biology 2015, 1229, 289-314. (PMID: 25325961)
    • Al-Horani, R. A.; Karuturi, R.; Verespy, S. III; Desai, U. R.* Synthesis of glycosaminoglycan mimetics through sulfation of polyphenols. Methods in Molecular Biology 2015, 1229, 49-67. (PMID: 25325944)
    • Boothello, R. S.; Al-Horani, R. A.; Desai, U. R.* Glycosaminoglycan–protein interaction studies using fluorescence spectroscopy. Methods in Molecular Biology 2015, 1229, 335-353. (PMID: 25325964)
    • Liang, A.;* Desai, U. R. Studying glycosaminoglycan–protein interactions using capillary electrophoresis. Methods in Molecular Biology 2015, 1229, 355-375. (PMID: 25325965)
  • Patents
    • Desai, U. R.; Henry, B. L.; Liang, A.; Thakkar, J. N.; Mangrum, J. B.; Torres Filho, I.; Spiess, B. D.; Saluja, B.; Sakagami, M. Cinnamic acid-based oligomers and uses thereof – Divisional 1. United States Patent, US 8,613,909 issued December 23, 2013.
  • Recent Publications
    • Boothello, R. S.; Sarkar, A.; Tran, V.; Nguyen, T. K.; Sankaranarayanan, N. V.; Quintero, M.; Mehta, A. Y.; Alabbas, A.; Mencio, C.; Joice, J.; Kuberan, B.; Desai, U. R.* Chemoenzymatically prepared heparan sulfate containing rare 2-O-sulfonated glucuronic acid residues. ACS Chemical Biology 2015, 10, 1485–1494. (PMID: 25742429)
    • Al-Horani, R. A.; Boothello, R. S.; Desai, U. R.* Characterization of allosteric inhibition of factor XIa by sulfated pentagalloyl glucopyranosides. Thrombosis Research 2015, 136, 379–387. (PMID: 25935648) {Paper profiled by an accompanying editorial. Schmaier, A. Medically-induced hemophilia C to treat thrombosis. Thromb. Res. 2015, 136, 185–186.}
    • Sarkar, A.; Desai, U. R.* A simple method for discovering druggable protein–glycosaminoglycan systems. Elucidation of key principles from heparin/heparan sulfate binding proteins. PLoS One 2015, 10, e0141127. (PMID: 26488293)
    • Joseph, P. R. B.; Mosier, P. D.; Desai, U. R.; Rajarathnam, K.* Solution NMR characterization of chemokine CXCL8 monomer and dimer binding to glycosaminoglycans: Structural plasticity mediates differential binding interactions. Biochemical Journal 2015, 472, 121–133. (PMID: 26371375)
    • Mehta, A. Y.; Mohammed, B. M.; Thakkar, J. N.; Martin, E. J.; Brophy, D. F.; Gailani, D.; Desai, U. R.* Allosterism-based simultaneous, dual anticoagulant and antiplatelet action: allosteric inhibitor targeting the glycoprotein Iba-binding and heparin-binding site of thrombin. Journal of Thrombosis and Hemostasis 2016, 14, 828–838. (PMID: 26748875)
    • Al-Horani, R. A.; Desai, U. R. Factor XIa: a review of patent literature. Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents 2016, 26, 323–345. (PMID: 26881476)
    • Verespy, S. III; Mehta, A. Y.; Afosah, D.; Al-Horani, R. A.; Desai, U. R.* Allosteric partial inhibition of monomeric proteases. Sulfated coumarins induce regulation, not just inhibition, of thrombin. Scientific Reports 2016, 6, 24043. (PMID: 27053426)
    • Al-Horani, R. A.; Karuturi, R.; Lee, M.; Desai, U. R.* Allosteric inhibition of factor XIIIa. Non-saccharide glycosaminoglycan mimetics, but not glycosaminoglycans, exhibit promising inhibition profile. PLoS One 2016, 11, e0160189. (PMID: 27467511)
    • Mosier, P. D.; Chiang, M.-J.; Lin, Z.; Jin, Y.; Althufiari, B.; Musayev, F.; Safo, M.; Zhou, Q.; Xie, H.*; Desai, U. R.* Broad spectrum anti-influenza agents by inhibiting self-association of matrix protein 1. Scientific Reports 2016, 6, 32340. (PMID: 27573445)
    • Sepuru, K. M.; Nagarajan, B.; Desai, U. R.; Rajarathnam, K.* Molecular basis of chemokine CXCL5-glycosaminoglycan interactions. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2016, 291, 20539–20550. (PMID: 27471273)
    • Wood, J. P.; Baumann-Krueziger, L. M.; Desai, U. R.; Mast, A. E.* Blocking inhibition of prothrombinase by tissue factor pathway inhibitor alpha: A procoagulant property of heparins. British Journal of Hematology 2016, 175, 123–132. (PMID: 27301751)
    • Wang, A.; Sankaranarayanan, N. V.; Yanagishita, M.; Templeton, D.; Desai, U. R.; Sugahara, K.; Hascall, V.* Heparin interaction with a receptor on hyperglycemic dividing cells prevents intracellular hyaluronan synthesis and autophagy responses. Matrix Biology 2015, 48, 36–41. (PMID: 25892563)
    • Namachivayam, K.; Coffing, H. P.; Sankaranarayanan, N. V.; Jin, Y.; MohanKumar, K.; Frost, B. L.; Blanco, C. L.; Patel, A. L. Meier, P. P.; Garzon, S. A.; Desai, U. R.; Maheshwari, A.* Transforming growth factor-ß2 is sequestered in human milk by chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans. American Journal of Physiology–Gastroenterology and Liver Physiology 2015, 309, G171–G180. (PMID: 26045614)
    • Wang, X.; Wang, Z.; Sidhu, P. S.; Desai, U. R.; Zhou, Q.* 6-Hydroxyflavone and derivatives exhibit potent anti-inflammatory activity among mono-, di- and polyhydroxylated flavones in kidney mesangial cells. PLoS One 2015, 10, e0116409. (PMID: 25790236; PMCID: PMC4366162)
    • Al-Horani, R. A.;* Karuturi, R.; White, D. T.; Desai, U. R. Plasmin regulation through allosteric, sulfated, small molecules. Molecules 2015, 20, 608-625. (PMID: 25569517)