Peter R Byron, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor
Department of Pharmaceutics
  •   Smith Building, Room 403
  • School of Pharmacy - Dept of Pharmaceutics
    410 N 12th Street
    Box 980533
    Richmond, VA 23298-0533
  •  (804) 828-6377
    (804) 828-8359


  • Ph.D., Immunology & Immunochemistry (University of Manchester in U.K., 1973)
  • B.Sc., Pharmacy (University of Manchester in U.K., 1970)

Post-Graduate Training

  • Postdoctoral Fellow - Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics (Ohio State University, 1977)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow - Pharmaceutics (University of Aston, 1975)

Professional Experience

  • June 1992-Present. Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • January 1999-2014. Chairman, Department of Pharmaceutics, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • November 1995-December 2001. Visiting Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Bath, Bath, U.K.
  • June 1988-1992. Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics and Affiliate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • 1984-1988. Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Kentucky
  • 1975-1984. Lecturer in Biopharmaceutics and Pharmocokinetics, Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Aston

Professional and Scholarly Interests

  • Optimal design and evaluation of aerosol drug delivery systems
  • Physical, chemical and formulation factors, and the impact of the aerosol generation device
  • Pulmonary biopharmaceutics

Research Interests

  • Our research is concerned with the optimal design and evaluation of aerosol drug delivery systems designed to target drugs to and via the lung. Effects of physical, chemical and formulation factors are studied, as well as the impact of the aerosol generation device. These factors are all related to our ability to deliver drugs by inhalation and target them to specific lung regions. Aerosols are characterized and evaluated in terms of particle size, shape, physical form and drug release characteristics in vitro and in vivo. In related research the effects of chemical structure and formulation variables are studied on absorption kinetics and lung disposition. Our biological research utilizes isolated lung preparations, whole animal studies and computer-based models to determine mechanisms of absorption, metabolism and retention for macromolecular and small molecular weight drugs.


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Books/Book Chapters

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  • Newman S, Anderson P, Byron PR, Dalby R and Peart J: Respiratory Drug Delivery: Essential Theory and Practice, Richmond USA: RDD Online / Virginia Commonwealth University. ISBN # 1-933722-26-6, 2009.


  • Patents on pulmonary delivery of pharmaceuticals (novel formulations, methods, devices and apparatus (PR Byron and others) US Patents #5,182,097 (1993); #5,190,029 (1993); #5,202,110 (1993); #5,492,688 (1996); #5,508,023 (1996); #6,060,069 (2000); #6,509,005 (2003); #6,713,048 (2004); #6,701,922 (2004); #6,883,516 (2005); #7,128,067 (2006) EU Patents #1277672 (2007), #1441785 (2012)

Recent Publications

  • Li Mi, Byron PR: "Tobramycin Disposition in the Rat Lung Following Airway Administration", Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 347(2): 318-324, 2013.
  • Delvadia, RR, Longest PW and Byron, PR: "In Vitro Tests for Aerosol Deposition. I: Scaling a Physical Model of the Upper Airways to Predict Drug Deposition Variation in Normal Humans," J Aerosol Med Pulm Drug Delivery, 25:32-40, 2012.
  • Kotian R, Peart J, Bryner J and Byron PR: “Calibration of the Modified Electrical Low Pressure Impactor (ELPI) for use with Pressurized Pharmaceutical Aerosols”, Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery, 22(1): 55-65, 2009.