Joseph L McClay, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacotherapy & Outcomes Science
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  •   Smith Building
  • School of Pharmacy
    Dept of Pharmacotherapy & Outcomes Science

    410 N 12th Street
    Box 980533
    Richmond, VA 23298-0533
  •  (804) 828-3428
I am interested in understanding the genetic regulatory determinants of central nervous system (CNS) drug response through the study of chromatin, the complex of DNA and protein in the cell nucleus. My lab uses the tools of epigenomics and functional genomics to understand how epigenetic variation influences drug response and, in turn, how drugs and toxins may affect the epigenome. For example, we are currently funded by the National Institute on Aging to study how epigenetic changes in normal aging affect rates of drug metabolism. We collaborate with colleagues in the VCU School of Medicine to study epigenetic mechanisms of toxin response and treatment in the brain. Furthermore, we have received several grants to study brain transcription factors associated with CNS disorders. We have started to evaluate the possibility of drugging these factors and their wider regulatory networks as a means to treat CNS disorders. Please feel free to contact me about potential research openings in my lab, including undergraduate and PharmD internships/electives, PharmD summer fellowships, graduate student and postdoctoral positions.

Area of Focus

  • Pharmacogenetics and genomics
  • Functional genomics
  • Psychiatric genetics
  • Pharmacoepigenetics


  • Ph.D., Biochemistry (King's College London, 2003)
  • B.S., Genetics (University of York, England, 1997)

Professional Experience

  • (2021 - Present) Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science, VCU School of Pharmacy
  • (2015 - 2021) Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science, VCU School of Pharmacy
  • (2008 - 2015) Research Assistant Professor, Center for Biomarker Research and Personalized Medicine, VCU School of Pharmacy
  • (2006 - 2008) Research Associate, Center for Biomarker Research and Personalized Medicine, VCU School of Pharmacy
  • (2003 - 2006) Postdoctoral Fellow, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, VCU School of Medicine


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  • McClay JL et al., Inventors. Lineagen Inc., Salt Lake City UT, assignee. Metabolomics-based biomarkers for lung function. US patent: US 9823204B2. Priority date 4/1/2010. Granted 11/21/2017.

Recent Publications

  • Maldonato BJ, Vergara AG, Yadav J, Glass SM, Paragas EM, Li D, Lazarus P, McClay JL, Ning B, Daly AK, Russell LE (2022) Epigenetics in Drug Disposition & Drug Therapy: Symposium Report of the 24th North American Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX). Drug Metabolism Reviews (In Press)
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