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Min Zhao, D.D.S.

Laboratory Specialist, Advanced , Center for Biomarker Research and Precision Medicine
Department of Pharmaceutics

Location:  McGuire Hall, Room 222
Phone: (804) 628-2778

Laboratory Specialist, Advanced. D.D.S. from Zhejiang Medical University, China, 1988. Zhao has about 15 years of experience in molecular and cell biology from laboratories in the US including Vanderbilt University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Zhao has outstanding experience in general molecular techniques such as southern blot, real-time PCR, reverse-transcription PCR, pyrosequencing, cell transfection, developing human and mouse primary cell cultures, and cell sorting. Furthermore, she has strong experience with immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation including ChIP assays and experience with fluorescence microscopy. In addition, she has extensive hands-on experience from next-generation sequencing. She is one of CBRPM’S lead laboratory specialists on several large-scale methylome projects. For these projects she uses the center’s liquid-handling robotics to perform sample preparation and library construction and uses our Illumina NextSeq 500 platform so sequence ~200 samples per month.

Mailing Address

Center for Biomarker Research and Precision Medicine
1112 East Clay Street, McGuire Hall
P. O. Box 980533
Richmond, VA 23298-0581
Fax: (804) 628-3991